High Sheer Agitators


High Sheer Agitators

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Modular tank-mounted agitator systems ensure optimal mixing and uniformity of high-viscosity fluids with fibrous or abrasive ingredients in various dairy, food and beverage, personal care and biopharm processes.

Energy efficient design

Our EnSaFoil impellers, as well as our specially developed EnSaFerm impellers for fermentation use, reduce energy consumption and the absorption of heat by your product. Based on extensive fluid dynamic studies, their unique shape makes them up to 400% more efficient than impellers with a standard pitch. Besides minimizing energy loss, our impellers operate at reduced speeds without reducing pumping capacity. Compared to agitators with conventional impellers, they thereby lower agitator power consumption by up 80%.

Modular and hygienic

Alfa Laval agitators ensure excellent levels of hygiene for a wide range of blending and mixing duties in processing tanks. Modular design using hygienic materials with smooth surfaces provides great flexibility to tailor agitator systems to meet specific tank and process requirements, including EHEDG, USDA, FDA and 3-A standards.

Simplified service

Low wear and minimal maintenance are hallmarks of Alfa Laval agitators. This translates into higher productivity due to reduced downtime. No dismantling or entry into the tank, for instance, is required for parts replacement of long-life seals and bearings. This saves both time and money.

Product range

Four different Alfa Laval agitator models for top-, bottom- and side-mounting are available for installation in pressurized and non-pressurized tanks. Sterile/aseptic and ATEX-certified versions are available upon request.


 Alfa Laval Agitators   ALB bottom-mounted agitator for general mixing applications where operation and maintenance occurs at ground level.

Alfa Laval agitator ALS

  ALS side-mounted agitator for low-viscosity products and for ensuring product homogeneity inside the tank.

Alfa Laval agitator ALT

  ALT top-mounted agitator for when hygiene standards are the prime focus.

Alfa Laval agitator ALTB

  ALTB top-mounted agitator for use when space is limited above the tank.

Alfa Laval agitator ALTB EnSaFerm

  ALTB EnSaFerm an easy to clean alternative to frame agitators saving energy and water.


Based on a modular design, Alfa Laval agitators consist of a drive unit with bearing frame, shaft with special shaft seal arrangement, and bi- or tri-lobe energy-saving airfoil impellers.

Operating principle

An electrical motor (drive unit) transmits the energy required for mixing and blending, either directly or via a gearbox, to the agitator shaft. The shaft rotates, turning the specially designed Energy Saving Foil impellers. The impeller movement creates a high flow with low shear due to the highly effective axial pumping effect on the liquid in the tank. This results in effective mixing and blending of the entire contents of the tank.

Optional equipment

Alfa Laval also offers agitator models for sterile/aseptic applications and optional equipment, including welding flange, blind flange, cover for motor/gear and spare part kit, for its range of agitators.


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