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Diaphragm Pumps (AODD Pump)

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The air-operated double diaphrgam pump (AODD) is one of the industrial's favourite pumping technology for fluid handling and solid handling solutions. The design of this type of positive displacement pump is versatile and realiable, it allows the disphragm pump to run dry without damaging the unit, unlike other positive displacement pumps in the market. These AODD pumps are known for its simplicity while safely transfer industrial liquids, solid laden fluids and slurries with minimal maintenance needed. Not only that, with the wide range of sizes and materials, it is widely applicable to various industries inlcuding chemical processing, packaging industry, food and beverage industry, waste water treatment, mining, oil and gas and more. 

How does AODD pump works?

The AODD pump consists of two diaphragms, and two inlet and outlet valve balls. Using air compressor as the main driver of the pump, the diaphragms that is connected by a common shaft, separate the compressed air supply and the liquid. The compressed air drives the liquid from one chamber to another without adding up more mechanical stress to the diaphragms, which in turns extending the product life span. The compressed air forces the liquid out of one of the chamber towards the discharge piping, at the same time, filling up the second chamber with the medium/ The cycle repeats automatically in the opposite position once the end of the diaphragm stroke is reached.