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Package Systems: Standard Compressor Systems – OTC Series (Once Through Compressor)

The OTC Series Compressor System is a complete system, fully assembled with a liquid ring compressor, a motor, service liquid lines, accessories, and separator tank. The system is designed to handle gases containing condensable vapors or contaminants.

Special cooling liquids are not required to cool the compression process. The continuous introduction of small quantities of fresh cool service liquid is all that is required. The OTC can handle vapors as well as soft solids. Water or plant effluent can be used for compressor service liquid, which means the cost of coolant is reduced. Little maintenance is required.



Used where service liquid is plentiful, contamination is not a problem and maximum gas discharge cleanliness is required.

• Simplicity 
• Lowest initial cost 
• Purest discharge


Technical Data: 
• Capacity in SCFM at inlet pressure at sea level of air at 68°F (20°C) using 59°F (15°C) water as service liquid, with atmospheric discharge pressure. 
• Direct or Closed coupled 
• Handling dry air at 68°F (20°C)

Note: Larger units to 6200 SCFM, please consult Factory.

Materials: A wide range of materials and construction

Accessories: Available upon request



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