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Package Systems: Total Recirculating Vacuum Systems – TRB Series

The TRB Series Vacuum System is a complete system, fully assembled with a liquid ring vacuum pump, a motor, service liquid lines, accessories, the TRB separator and liquid cooled heat exchanger. The system is designed to accommodate total recirculation, which ensures no contamination of cooling water. In the self- contained TRB unit there is no direct contact between service liquid and coolant, eliminating the problems and costs associated with the disposal of contaminants. Total Recirculation is shown in the figure below.

TOTAL RECIRCULATION Used where gases and liquids are toxic or hazardous, and when environmental contamination is a concern.

• Service liquid contained and separated from nonhazardous coolant systems 
• Low service liquid usage 
• Allows recovery of condensable inlet gases

Technical Data:
• Capacity in ACFM at inlet pressure at sea level for dry air at 68°F (20°C) using 59°F (15°C) water as service liquid, with atmospheric discharge pressure. 
• Direct or Closed coupled 
• Handling dry air at 68°F (20°C) 
• Medium vacuum units to 26.8" Hg vacuum – normal capacity 2000CFM 
• High vacuum units to 28.9" Hg vacuum – nominal capacity 1000CFM

Note: Larger units to 6000 CFM, please consult Factory. 

Accessories: Available upon request


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