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Bertoli Leonardo Series Large Volume Homogenizer


Bertoli Leonardo Series Large Volume Homogenizer

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Leonardo Series Large Volume Homogenizer 

The Bertoli Homogenizers and High Pressure Pumps from the Leonardo Series are a sanitary execution and therefore very suitable for food processing. All parts which are in contact with the product are designed and manufactured in compliance with the most rigorous international standards for food and pharmaceutical industry.

The Bertoli homogenizer Leonardo Series and high pressure pumps can reach industrial productions up to 60.000 l/h and maximum working capacities up to 1.200 bar. The modern design was especially conceived to guarantee high reliability and easy maintenance. It is especially suitable for the use in dairy-farming and for fruit juice homogenization. With its closed-cabinet design, our homogenizer has good sound proofing, allowing a quiet operation. 


  • Single bloc compression head in duplex stainless steel of high mechanical and corrosion resistance
  • Transmission system with trapezoidal belts and fixed reducer.
  • Forced lubrication system with hydraulic power unit
  • Overpressure discharge valve
  • Poppet valves for viscous and abrasive products 
  • Self-alignment plunger system 


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