Unique PMO Mixproof Valves (US)

Unique PMO Mixproof Valves (US)

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Alfa Laval PMO mixproof valve technology allows CIP solution to clean one valve seat while product runs in the opposite housing – virtually eliminating CIP downtime so processors can increase production while maximizing floor space and resources.

PMO-compliant mixproof valves

With the most complete and consistent family of valves available, each PMO variant is based on the same trusted and proven standard PMO mixproof valve – backed by thousands installed globally. Alfa Laval Unique PMO (Pasteurized Milk Ordinance) mixproof valves meet the stringent requirements of the FDA’s Pasturized Milk Ordinance and are fully 3A compliant. All seat movements are detectable, using Alfa Laval ThinkTop® valve sensing and control devices. This makes Unique PMO mixproof valves an extremely secure solution to help manage and optimize the flow of your individual dairy processes.

Unique PMO mixproof valves are primarily installed in the US – globally standard Unique mixproof valves are the preferred choice.

Modular design – flexible valve installations

The Unique PMO mixproof range is constructed from a series of base components that provide flexible configurations to fit your application requirements. Because the same valve body is utilized in all standard mixproof valve configurations, upgrading is fast with no need to remove the valve body; simply exchange the plugs, actuators and other minor elements. The benefit is an ease of interchangeability exclusive to Alfa Laval where any installed standard PMO valve can be easily upgraded from PMO to PMO – F, to PMO Plus® to PMO Plus – CP.

Lower total cost of ownership

Cost-saving features include the top-loaded, easy-to-disassemble design, no adjustable components and fully protected, long-life radial seals.

Unique PMO valve range

Alfa Laval offers the most comprehensive range of PMO-compliant mixproof valves:

Standard Unique PMO mixproof valves:


  Unique PMO complies with the FDA`s Pasterized Milk Ordinance (PMO) and covers all mixproof dairy applications.

Unique PMO-F for cleaning or flushing product build-up during continuous operation


Unique PMO Plus® allows seat lift cleaning in one chamber while product is the the other.


Unique PMO Plus® CP for continuous product processing in any chamber while cleaning product in the other chamber


Unique PMO mixproof tank valves:


  Unique PMO horizontal tank valve completely drainable in horizontal positions - for continuous processing right up to the tank port.  
  Unique PMO vertical tank valve completely  drainable in vertical positions - for continuous processing right up to the tank port.  


Unique PMO mixproof valves for special processing applications:



Unique PMO Cheese Curd for gentle, yet efficient, handling of large curd particles


Unique PMO Curd CP for continuous cheese curd processing with large particles in any chamber while cleaning product in the other chamber

Unique PMO mixproof valve

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