Unique Diaphragm Valve - Premium UltraPure

Unique Diaphragm Valve - Premium UltraPure

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Ideal for use in sterile, ultra-hygienic processes, this reliable valve provides a higher flow rate and lower pressure drop than traditional diaphragm valves. The innovative design makes it easy to install, easy to service and helps to cut energy costs.

Diaphragm valves with superior hygiene

The Alfa Laval Unique Diaphragm Valve - Premium (DV-P) UltraPure is a durable hygienic diaphragm valve that meets the stringent demands of the biotech and pharmaceutical, personal and home care, dairy, food and beverage industries. To ensure optimal cleanability, the valve  features smooth interior surfaces free of crevices, pockets and corners as well as exterior surfaces free of threads or other hard-to-clean areas.

Optimized flow

With its innovative design, the Diaphragm Valve - Premium provides more precise flow regulation and gives double the flow rate of conventional diaphragm valve designs.

Lower diaphragm valve costs

The Diaphragm Valve - Premium minimizes total cost of ownership for diaphragm valves. It cuts energy costs because the higher flow rate and lower pressure drop enable the use of smaller feed pumps, which require less electricity to operate. Calculate the potential  savings with the Alfa Laval Energy Savings Calculator.

Installation costs are also lower than conventional diaphragm valves due to the use of smaller pumps, valves and piping. Further savings are achieved thanks to the extended lifetime of the diaphragm, which results in longer service intervals.

Safe, easy-to-service diaphragm valve

A single-thread tightening mechanism on the valve makes installation and maintenance quicker, easier and safer than conventional diaphragm valves. No cross tightening or re-tightening is required, which eliminates the risk of human error.

Defined and uniform compression also contributes to safer operation and longer diaphragm lifetime. The mechanism’s built-in click and positioning system secures correct fastening every time.

Full range of diaphragm valve automation

The Diaphragm Valve - Premium can be configured to meet automation requirements at every level – from straightforward valve position indicators to advanced pneumatic valve control units.

Comprehensive diaphragm valve documentation

Designed to meet cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices), the DV-P is supported by the Alfa Laval Q-doc documentation package, which facilitates the validation process by providing full transparency of critical manufacturing procedures as well as full material documentation.


The Alfa Laval Unique Diaphragm Valve - Premium (DV-P) UltraPure is a hygienic diaphragm valve, which consists of a valve body, diaphragm, handle or actuator, and indication and control units. Its compact modular design enables a wide range of purpose-built configurations to meet various process requirements.

Operating principle

The DV-P is designed either for manual operation or for automatic operation.

Manual operation

The Diaphragm Valve - Premium is controlled by means of a handle.  A simple turn of the handle presses the diaphragm downwards, pushing it against the valve weir and thereby closing the valve.

Pneumatic operation

The DV-P is operated by means of compressed air using a pneumatic valve actuator. The pneumatic valve actuator controls the axial movement of a piston, opening or closing the valve depending on the actuator function.


  • Mode of operation
    - Manual with choice of handle
    - Pneumatic with choice of spring-operated (NC/NO) - or air-operated actuator (A/A).
  • Diaphragm material
    - Soft elastomers: EPDM, 
    - Hard elastomers: PTFE/EPDM
  • Two-way diaphragm valve body: - Clamped ends
    - Welded ends  
  • Indication and control units for pneumatic actuators
    - Control units
    - Indication units (ATEX units available)
    - Stroke limiters
    - Positioners

Unique Diaphragm Valve-Premium

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