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Gearex Double Helical, Timed Rotary Gear Pump


Gearex Double Helical, Timed Rotary Gear Pump

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Chemical Processing, General Purpose, Greases and Fats, High Viscosity Polymers, Utility, Pulp and Paper, Petroleum Production and Refining, Syrups, Marine

OEM, Auxiliary, Chemical and Liquor, Food Processing, Miscellaneous Services, Pharmaceuticals

Double Helical Herringbone Gears provide quiet, pulse-free flow with better load carrying ability, greater strength and minimum hydraulic shock.

Timing Gears drive and transmit power, eliminating metallic contact of the pumping rotors and promoting long pump life.

Between Bearing Design virtually eliminates shaft deflection, even while accommodating heavy, highly viscous loads.

Heavy-Duty, Double Row Roller Bearings capable of carrying high radial loads, a short bearing span, and a husky shaft minimize rotor deflection.

  • Direct coupled
  • Choice of materials
    • Cast iron
    • Cast steel
    • Bronze
  • Options
    • Water cooled bearings
    • Steam or water jacketed bodies
    • Vertical mounting configuration
    • Mechanical seals
    • Lantern rings
    • Shaft slingers
    • Split bearing brackets
    • Flange mounting brackets
    • Jackshafts for V-belt drives
  • Operating parameters
    • Flows to 180 m3/h (800 gpm)
    • Pressures to 24 bar (350 psi)
    • Temperatures from -50°C (-60°F) to 450°C (850°F)
    • Viscosities from 32 to 1 million ssu

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