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GR Double Helical, Rotary Gear Pump


GR Double Helical, Rotary Gear Pump

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Marine, High Viscosity Polymers, Greases and Fats, Food Processing, Syrups, OEM, Petrochemical Processing, Process, Power Generation, Pulp and Paper, Utility

OEM, Pharmaceuticals, Auxiliary, Food Processing, Miscellaneous Services

Double Helical Herringbone Gears provide quiet, pulsation-free flow with better load carrying ability, greater strength and minimum hydraulic shock.

High Speed Pump Capability eliminates need for expensive speed reduction accessories and allows the use of off-the-shelf motors.

Between Bearing Design virtually eliminates shaft deflection, even while accommodating heavy, highly viscous loads.

Inherently Hydraulically Balanced Design eliminates end thrust and the need for thrust bearings.

Convertible Stuffing Box allows for ample packing or mechanical seals to be used for greater flexibility.


  • 1.5 in to 8 in ports standard; larger sizes available
  • High-capacity, double row roller bearing
  • Self-priming
  • Run dry capability
  • Low NPSHR
  • Back pull-out design
  • GR configurations
    • GR - Standard gear width
    • GRW - Wider gears for higher capacities
    • GRH - Narrower gears for higher pressures
  • Options
    • M - Mechanical seal
    • MI - Direct V-belt drive (mechanical seal and inboard bearing)
    • L - Extra deep jacketed stuffing box
    • J - Jacketed body
    • Babbitted carbon sleeve bushing
    • INSUROCK wearplates
    • Available integral safety relief valve
  • Operating parameters
    • Flows to 275 m3/h (1200 gpm)
    • Pressures to 35 bar (500 psi)
    • Temperatures to 350°C (650°F)
    • Speeds to 1800 rpm
    • Viscosities to 100 000 ssu

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