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SSP Dual Disc Pump


SSP Dual Disc Pump

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Dual Disc Pump

SSP Dual Disc pumps are designed for use within effluent and industrial treatment processes where arduous duties in harsh conditions exist.
Dual Disc pumps have a glandless disc design providing indefinite dry running capability. This design results in good self-priming performance and unparalleled tolerance of problem solids including rag, fibrous matter and grit.

Dual Disc pumps are ideal for primary tank manual and auto de-sludging duties. Other applications include digested and humus sludge, raw sewage, abattoir and poultry wastes, and other industrial waste products.


• Flow rates up to 52 m3/h
• Differential pressures up to 3 bar
• Sludge thickness content up to 10%

Product Brochure: http://www.ssppumps.co.uk/Portfolio/documents/DualDisc.pdf

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