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Membrane Systems

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Sterling SIHI membrane systems provide the process industry with highly efficient solutions for:
- Solvent recovery
- Monomer recovery
- Off-gas treatment
- Drying of gas streams
Sterling SIHI supplies a diverse range of membrane packages from standard compact units to complex purpose-built systems with integrated instrumentation and PLC control panels. The systems are individually selected for integration into a purpose-built package to conform to each customer’s specification and environmental requirements. Typically the membrane systems are supplied in combination with:
- Vacuum pumps
- Compressors
- Condensers
- Heat exchangers
- Scrubber systems
- Separators
- Pressure swing absorption
Typical benefits of the Sterling SIHI membrane system:
- Efficient separation
- High reliability
- Low maintenance
Sterling SIHI membrane systems can be used for the separation of:
- Methylene chloride
- Vinyl chloride, ethylene, propylene
- Hexane, acetone
- Other chemical vapours from air or nitrogen

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