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Hygienic Vacuum Systems

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Major cost savings are guaranteed by using our environmentally friendly hygienic vacuum systems in all beverage filling processes. Potential savings through the reduction of water consumption are of critical importance to the beverage industry in today’s markets. Due to our considerable experience in the beverage industry, we are able to provide the very latest solutions in the reduction of water consumption. Using our hygienic vacuum beverage filling processes it is possible to save more than 99% of your water consumption. The return-on investment time for a hygienic vacuum system depends on its initial cost and the savings of the associated service fluid.
Performance range:
Suction volume flow: up to 1,000 m³/h
Suction pressure: 33 mbar up to 1013 mbar
Benefits of hygienic vacuum systems:
- no water consumption at filling process due to hygienic and clean in place” design
- environmentally friendly as well offering cost savings
- reliable vacuum generation
- highest level of biological safety
- using existing CIP systems
- short return-on-investment period
The SIHIsanivac is able to handle a suction volume flow up to 1,000 m³/h. The range consists of five sizes:
- SIHIsanivac 160
- SIHIsanivac 250
- SIHIsanivac 400
- SIHIsanivac 800
- SIHIsanivac 1000
Cooling liquid:
For cooling of the heat exchanger different cooling liquids can be used
- brine
- cooling water
- associated liquids
All fittings like automatic valves, temperature sensor and level indicators are designed to the hygienic standard.

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