Series GEV


Series GEV

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Gas ejectors of the series GEV for single-stage liquid ring vacuum pumps are simple and sturdy vacuum gas ejectors with following particular characteristics as adaptable to different operating conditions by adequate material selection, simple installation into the suction line of liquid ring vacuum pumps and low noise service, which is free of maintenance and deficient in vibration.
Gas ejectors extend the operating range of liquid ring vacuum pumps so that lower absolute pressures become possible (to 8 mbar). Field of application are chemistry and pharmacy(distilling and degassing), electric industry (impregnation and drying), plastics industry (degassing) etc. The gases that are to be handled may be vapour saturated or aggressive.
Technical Data:
Suction volume flow: up to 1,050 m³/h
Suction pressure: 8 to 80 mbar

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