SIHIdry S-Version


SIHIdry S-Version

Category: Dry Vacuum Pumps

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The vacuum system SIHIdry S-Version has been especially developed for use in industrial applications. It is based upon a dry running twin screw principle, which is without any lubricants, sealants or operating liquids. Wide clearances in the pumping chamber make the pump robust when it comes to the handling of particles and liquids. It is supported by top-down pumping (inlet at the top and the outlet at the lowest point in the pumping chamber) and the pump chamber has been designed to eliminate dead space.
The vacuum system SIHIdry S-Version has been developed for the use in areas without explosion hazard. These vacuum systems are used for example in sterilisation processes, for freeze-drying, for gas removal, in crystal pulling systems, for metallurgy furnaces, for product transfer, for central vacuum generation and many more.
Technical Data:
Suction capacity: up to 1,000 m³/h
Final pressure: < 0.01 mbar

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