SIHIdry Two-stage Roots Systems


SIHIdry Two-stage Roots Systems

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The SIHIdry two-stage roots system is based on a dry-running screw pump and a roots pump. The spreader rotates in the opposite direction without touching. The intake is on the upper side and the outlet is in the geodetically lowest possible position (top-down requirement). This innovative drive concept is the basis for a gradual upgrading to an intelligent vacuum system that takes over additional functions such as valve and pressure control. The intelligent system also provides the option of specific monitoring of important process data in order to guarantee maximum process stability.
The SIHIdry two-stage roots system has been developed for use in explosive surroundings. The modular system can be flexibly adapted for different processes, such as drying, thin-film vaporisation, etc. 
Technical Data:
Suction capacity: up to 4,000 m³/h
Final pressure: < 0.001 mbar

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