SIHIdry H-Version


SIHIdry H-Version

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The vacuum system SIHIdry H-version is based upon the dry running twin screw principle. The screw-shaped displacing bodies counter-rotate without contact. The pump inlet is at the top and the outlet at the geodetically lowest position (top-down pumping). In contrast to conventional pumps the both screw spindles are not mechanically but electronically synchronized. This innovative drive conception is the basis for a stepwise development of the vacuum pump to an intelligent vacuum system, which takes on additional functions as the valve-, and pressure control for example. Furthermore the intelligent system offers the possibility to exactly monitor the important process data in order to ensure a maximum of process safety.
The vacuum system SIHIdry H-version has been developed for the use in areas with and without explosion hazard. These vacuum systems are used for example in drying processes, for reactor charging, for vacuum destillation, for inert gas blanketing, for product transfer, in general process vacuum, for central vacuum generation and many more.
Technical Data:
Suction capacity: up to 1,000 m³/h
Final pressure: < 0.01 mbar

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