Series LOH (multi-stage)


Series LOH (multi-stage)

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Liquid ring compressors of the series LOH are two-stage displacement compressorsof simple and robust construction. They have the following important features like handling of nearly all gases and vapours, non-polluting due to nearly isothermal compression, oil-free (no lubrication in the working chamber), additional liquid can be handled with the gas flow, easy in maintenance and reliable operation, low noise and nearly free of vibrations, wide choice of material (applicable nearly everywhere) and no metallic contact of the rotating parts.
Handling and compressing of dry and humid gases. Entrained liquid can be handled during normal duty. The compressors are applied in all fields where a compression over pressure of up to 2 bar has to be created by robust compressors and only a small increase in temperature is admissible during compression. Fields of application are the plastics industry (recovery of process gases as vinyl chloride), the petrochemical industry(compression of combustible gases as gasoline vapours or hydrogen), the transport of gases in general and many more.
Technical Data:
Suction volume flow: up to 58 m³/h
Compression pressure: 0.2 up to 2 bar g
Shaft seal: gland packing, mechanical seal
Materials: grey cast iron, stainless steel

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