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 Series SL


Series SL

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Liquid ring vacuum pumps of the series SL are single-stage displacement pumps of uncomplicated and robust construction with the following particular features like handling of all gases and vapours, robust operating behaviour, insensitive to entrained liquids, low noise level, nearly free from vibration, direct drive or belt drive, very little wear because of regular dirt drain (out of the pump) and application of steel as construction material, symmetrical design therefore optionally clockwise or anticlockwise operation by easy shifting of the shaft, no lubricant in the working chamber, compact design, small size, wide effective speed range from 800 to 1,600 rpm, weight-saving construction, leakage proof shaft seal and optionally special seal with radial shaft seal ring and gland packing ring or mechanical seal with bellows.
The SL series is especially developed the use on waste disposal vehicles. The main requirements of vacuum pumping systems on waste disposal vehicles are short evacuation time, low weight, high reliability and environmental compatibility. Quit operation is of particular importance, especially on vehicles working in urban areas.
Technical Data:
Suction volume flow: up to 3,080 m³/h
Suction pressure: 150 mbar up to 1.5 bar
Shaft seal: radial shaft seal ring, gland packing, mechanical seal
Materials: grey cast iron

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