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422/432/452/462 Series


422/432/452/462 Series

Kuantiti Ada Stok

  Max. Capacity: 390 m3/h
  Max. Diffr. Pressure: 14 bar 
  Max. Viscosity: 450.000 cSt
  Temperature Range: -50 0C  to +350 0C


  • Application variety with 17 different case size
  • Can be apply many different material options (cast iron, ductile iron, cast steel or stainless steel)
  • Operating wide range of viscosity
  • Self-priming is up to 720 mbar
  • The pump design is suitable for every type of seal (special design, lip seal, packing gland, single mechanical seal, double mechanical seal)


  • Heating / Cooling jackets can be applied to pump cover or bracket
  • Relief valve cane be applied to pump cover and case
  • Connection type options are ANSI&DIN Flange connection

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